Creative Activities for Kids

Arts and Crafts for Kids
Our art and craft classes for kids include paper craft, 3D model making, colouring, painting, papier-mâché, textile design and more. We encourage children working with their hands and minds to express themselves creatively and emotionally in a fun, vibrant and supportive environment.

Our art lessons for kids are also the perfect complement to our many exciting and fun-filled music lessons. Combining two artistic pursuits can help foster the creativity of young minds and lead to a lifelong passion for art and craft.

If your kids are interested in music, why not consider guitar or singing lessons? Or, for those who want to test their musical ability further, violin, saxophone or cello may be the perfect fit!

Give us a call on 0431 714 763 to discuss what art and craft lessons may be right for your kids.

Arts and Crafts for Kids

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The benefits of the creative activities for children include:

  • Enhancing sensitivity to their surroundings
  • Helping them to think independently
  • Acquiring different ways of thinking by enhancing creativity and imagination
  • Carrying out their creative hobbies and thinking anywhere and everywhere
  • Building confidence to explore thoughts & imagination







$280 per child for

8 week term ($35 per session)


We offer term-by-term lessons. All lesson fees are paid by term, in advance or on the first lesson.
VIP rates for piano and organ students, who have purchased a piano or organ. This is valid for one year from purchase date.

By attending classes at Bumblebee Arts Centre you will benefit from:

  • An excellent teaching team to encourage, guide and inspire you to reach your full potential.
  • Access to well-furnished modern classrooms, with beautiful new pianos and organs.
  • An opportunity to perform in the Winter and Christmas concerts.
  • Attend the Arts and Craft Exhibition at Christmas.
  • 10% Discount on musical instruments.
  • Free first consultation session.

Free use of practice rooms for piano and organ students. ($20 per hour for students outside of Bumblebee Arts Centre.)