Tailored music programs for children

Our designed keyboard group/private lessons for toddlers and preschoolers to give an introductory piano experience. Rather than focusing on a structured educational program, we place the emphasis on fun and engaging experiences that will inspire a passion for, and will help move children towards, their piano learning when the time is right.
Tailored music programs for children
Tailored music programs for children
Art & Craft Lessons
Then again, your little ones may have a desire to explore other musical preferences in which case we offer specialised baby music lessons across a range of instruments to help foster their growing passion for the creative arts.
If you’d like to introduce your child to a life of music, arts and crafts, or would like to know more about our range of music programs for children, please contact us on 0431 714 763 or email us today!
Tailored music programs for children
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Come and join us at the Bumblebee Arts Centre
We offer term-by-term lessons. All lesson fees are paid by term, in advance or on the first lesson.
VIP rates for piano and organ students, who have purchased a piano or organ. This is valid for one year from purchase date.

By attending classes at Bumblebee Arts Centre you will benefit from:

  • An excellent teaching team to encourage, guide and inspire you to reach your full potential.
  • Access to well-furnished modern classrooms, with beautiful new pianos and organs.
  • An opportunity to perform in the Winter and Christmas concerts.
  • Attend the Arts and Craft Exhibition at Christmas.
  • 10% Discount on musical instruments.
  • Free first consultation session.

Free use of practice rooms for piano and organ students. ($20 per hour for students outside of Bumblebee Arts Centre.)