Music Lessons for All Ages

Due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, we now have online music classes at your choice to ensure kids can learn music safely at home

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We believe our lessons form part of a musical journey that can span a lifetime, and structure our sessions accordingly. We understand that students are all different, progress at different paces and have different needs. As such, we design our program accordingly and adjust for every lesson so that we can take into consideration things like age, learning style, and skill level.
Music Lessons for All Ages
At Bumblebee Arts Centre, we offer tuition in music theory, singing, guitar, bass, saxophone, piano, organ, ukulele, violin and clarinet. We also offer special classes such as sight-singing, reading music, storytelling through music and more. Why not give our friendly team a call to discuss your options? And if you don’t see your specific instrument listed, please get in touch, as we may be able to tailor a custom class just for you!
Music Lessons for All Ages
Music Lessons for All Ages

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Music Theory – Sight Singing – Storytelling Through Music – Guitar – Singing – Bass – Keyboard Group – Saxophone – Sight Reading – Piano – Organ – Ukulele – Violin – Clarinet – Cello


Dive into a world of creativity and melody at Bumblebee Art Centre!

By attending classes at Bumblebee Arts Centre you will benefit from:

  • An excellent teaching team to encourage, guide and inspire you to reach your full potential.
  • Access to well-furnished modern classrooms, with beautiful new pianos and organs.
  • An opportunity to perform in the Winter and Christmas concerts.
  • Attend the Arts and Craft Exhibition at Christmas.
  • 10% Discount on musical instruments.
  • Free first consultation session.

Free use of practice rooms for piano and organ students. ($20 per hour for students outside of Bumblebee Arts Centre.) Enrol now.

Benefits of music to children development

Music has been a huge part of our daily life and it plays an important role in our human culture. As parents, you always want to get the best for your children. Therefore, you should know that music is extremely beneficial to develop a kid’s interests, passions, and talents either by learning a musical instrument or singing. As many studies show, there are correlations between musical learning and other areas of children’s development such as languages and mathematics. So it is helpful for your kids if they are exposed to music as much as possible. Here are the benefits for your children as they are growing up.

Brain development

Studies have proven that music can enhance brain function and overall mental development. Musical training activities are able to stimulate the brain and physically develop the left side of the brain which processes languages and reasoning. According to further researches, the brain of a musician is different from non-musician when they work. Figures also show that students who were exposed to music can achieve better academic results.

Social skills

Music is often played in a group of the musician in many scenarios, and playing music with other people encourages kids to learn team-work skills and be part of a group. A program named Songs About Us has demonstrated music as a tool for building social skills in children with autism. It is an essential skill as children grow up and gradually adapt to society. They will learn how to relate with people and work in a team through playing music and cooperating with others.

Build self-confidence

When kids develop musical skills on their own by playing a specific musical instrument, they will feel confident and then achieve their goals easier. It is very important for children to feel satisfied and confident to improve their self-esteem and get better performance in many other fields as they are growing up. They will not fear to face challenges and they can try to solve problems by themselves.

Here at Bumblebee, we provide a wide range of music classes for your children to learn, from the piano, guitar, ukulele, drum set, flute to the violin. Through professional training, it can help develop children’s potential and encourage them to explore more possibilities in their life.

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We offer music lessons we offer tuition in music theory, singing, guitar, bass, saxophone, piano, organ, ukulele, violin, and clarinet. As every young artist has different needs and goals, we tailor lessons for each individual student so that they enjoy learning while maximizing their potential.

Our music classes are designed to inspire and let children explore their creativity. Students are assigned to groups according to their prior knowledge and ability. All our music classes are strictly number-controlled to ensure students learn under full care and proper guidance. We also provide art and craft lessons for kids to further build creativity and motor skills.

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The Bumblebee Arts Centre in McKinnon is located 12 kilometers south-east of the Melbourne central business district and is easily accessible by car. The closest train station is the McKinnon Railway Station on the Frankston line.