Principal Meng Tuena

Principal Meng is a passionate classical pianist/organist and an excellent music mentor. For the past 24 years, she has been under the guidance of several outstanding pianists, continuing her studies in music. Meng started learning the piano at the age of four and was taught by Professor Sheng Xihui and Assistant Professor Zhang Yujing at the Shenyang Conservatory of Music, deepening her love for classical music.

At the age of sixteen, she moved to Australia to continue her musical journey. Under the guidance of teacher Larissa Oberfeld, she passed the AMEB Grade 8 examination. In 2013, she graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor’s degree in Music, under the tutelage of Professor Ronald Farren-Price. After graduation, Principal Meng continued her studies in organ under Anthony Halliday.

Meng is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree at the Australian Institute of Music.

Performance Experiences
Performance Experience

Principal Meng has previously served as a full-time organist at St. Carthage and St. Bede Catholic Churches. Her experience as a ballet pianist at the National Theatre further strengthened her understanding of music and her love for the piano. Currently, Principal Meng also works as an accompanist for AMEB exams and as an organist at St. Fidelis Church

Teaching Experience

Under the guidance of several pianists, Meng has been inspired to teach and share the beauty of music with others. Since the age of nineteen, she has been teaching privately and at several music centers. Subsequently, Meng spent two years teaching piano at primary schools, deepening her understanding of the Australian music curriculum. She has always enjoyed teaching piano to students of different ages, both professionally and recreationally. Over the years, Meng’s students have achieved excellent results in AMEB technical and theory exams, which serve as both her motivation and a testament to her dedication and effectiveness in teaching.

Teaching Experiences
Future Development
Future Development

Principal Meng remains dedicated to advancing her proficiency in both piano and organ playing, diligently studying under the esteemed tutelage of Professor Ronald Farren-Price and Mr. Anthony Halliday. She seeks to refine her technique, broaden her repertoire, and deepen her musical understanding through their mentorship, striving for excellence in her musical endeavors.