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Online course during COVID-19

We understand students are passionate about learning musical instruments and sharpening artistic skills and need continuous musical and arts training. But we also do not want to see our students exposed to danger having face-to-face classes or commuting during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. In light of the issue, Bumblebee Arts Center is now offering online classes through Zoom.

Let your children learn a new skill when they are at home

Here at Bumblebees Arts Centre, there are no obstacles that could stop children from achieving their dreams of music and arts at home. By joining a Zoom meeting on a computer or a mobile device, they will have access to an online music and arts course of their choice. Since we provide a variety of online courses in the music and arts field, it is a great idea to speak with our teachers in advance to understand what kind of music lessons are suitable for your children.

Features of online music courses:

  • Our online piano lessons encourage creativity and boost self-esteem while online singing lessons improve cognition and memory.
  • Some students may want to try guitar & ukulele lessons online as many of them are affected by teenagers who uploaded their music works on their YouTube channels and used guitar and ukulele as an accompaniment instrument.
  • Our one of the best online drum lessons for beginners will take your kids from literally nothing to playing in their first music group as a drummer.
  • If you want kids to learn how to take care of the body, then you would not miss online flute learning lessons that promote good posture, proper and healthy breathing and require a high degree of patience and discipline.
  • Being part of an orchestra is a pretty good experience as it adds value to your musical career, and that’s why violin online lessons will be a good try for kids.

Features of online arts & design courses:

  • Our online kid’s craft lesson teaches flexibility to our students, meaning that most crafts work can be completed in more than one way but obtaining the same result through a different method. We provide different craft ideas for kids, helping them to develop fine motor skills and encourage them to face the situation with multiple possibilities in real life.
  • We know some parents like to buy animated drawings for kids. But why not let your children try on drawing animation by themselves? Our online animation lesson requires keen hand-brain coordination; the more your kids’ practice, the better their hand-brain coordination. It is also a great opportunity to cultivate logical thinking while they are making a plan of how to draw a successful animation.
  • When it comes to art lessons for kids, online drawing and painting lessons are always popular options among parents as not only do they improve creativity and memory but also enhance communication and problem-solving skills that are essential for kids when they grow up and merge into society.

Quality of online course

We understand your worry about the quality of online courses. But we have spent to great lengths in ensuring the same level of quality music education that we had offline. Our students will have the same premium online learning experience and services as they had at Bumblebee Arts Centre.

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