The Benefits of Learning Piano

The back of a woman playing piano

We have all heard a song whether it be from your favourite artist, game background, an opening soundtrack, or through YouTube and deeply wanted to play it through an instrument or emulate the music we heard. In this current age, there are an assortment of instruments to choose from which you can play your favourite songs, here are some reasons why you should consider choosing piano as an instrument for your child.

Prevent Brain Processing, Hearing and Memory Loss

As we age, our ability to process auditory signals slows down, but studies have shown that individuals who play music throughout their lives have reversed the decline of such effects of brain processing, memory and even hearing loss. Playing the piano can be considered a full body brain. By stimulating the brain and forcing it to articulate the difficulties of piano, such effects that become more apparent and obvious to us at old age can be reversed.

Improve Reading Comprehension and Recall

Recalling information is a fundamental aspect of the education system, especially when it comes to tests or exams. By practising and learning piano, you develop an ability to memorise music through repetitive practise which stimulates your individual reading comprehension skills and the brain’s ability to recall. Reading comprehension is just as important in recalling information, in a society where data is vital, being able comprehend bulky information is a vital skill required in many jobs.

Facilitate Creativity

Specifically, to jazz pianists, improvising or even creating your own music stimulates your brain’s creativity ability. Through piano lessons, your child will be able to strengthen and develop their imagination, allowing them in the future to develop the ability to think outside the box and come up with ideas faster than other individuals.

Time Management and Organisation

Whether your child is learning piano, as a hobby, or for leisure, by incorporating piano into their daily lives as a responsibility and task, it gradually fosters their ability of time management and organisation. Learning piano is not something that comes instinctively for many, you need to commit yourself to a daily practice routine. As their lives get busier, they will need to be able to properly manage their time and juggle their other commitments. Learning piano is a great way for them to develop strong and positive lifestyle habits at an early age.

Stress Reliever and Entertainment

Feeling emotional or unable to express yourself with words? The ability to express yourself with music especially piano can be blissful and relaxing as you play a piece using your emotions to let out the emotional mess that you are unable to rid yourself of. Moreover, as you play the piano and improve you can use it for your own enjoyment by writing songs or playing your favourite songs. In addition, as parents struggling to control your child’s screen time, learning piano, or playing piano can act as a means of diverting that attention from the screen to the keys.


At Bumblebee Centre we offer your child the ability to practise and learn an instrument, fostering their creative mindset and music talents. Why not contact us and see how we can help you teach your child an instrument or help them with their piano journey. We also offer online lessons.