How To Nurture Kids To Explore The Interest In Music?


You might have noticed your little one trying out his tiny fingers on different household items to create a tune or music. Or they may want you to let him download a musical app where he can let out his favourite tunes. In this case, you may want to nurture your kid’s interest in music and let him play out all his excitement to enjoy and have fun.

The very first thing is to play it cool, even if your child is showing a lot of aptitudes and he may distinguish rhythm, melody, tempo, and patterns. At this age, he will learn through fun exploration rather than only formal drills.

Here are some ways you can make your kid interested in music:

1. Don’t limit the word ‘music’ for your kids

Kids love to explore new things on their own. They love exploring what different sounds can be produced with different musical instruments. Music classes for kids would need to be designed in a fun way to let kids enjoy different sounds and musical instruments.

The Kids music is the one that is not limited to any niche, style, or sound, and hence you shouldn’t try limiting it as well. Let your kid find out what is the most favourite to him and develop a fondness for it.

2. Don’t only stick to children tunes

When playing music at home and in your car, don’t only reach for kids’ collections or the soundtracks for kids. Preschoolers may also appreciate classical, folk, jazz, funk, world, rock, rap, hip hop, or other techno tunes. The only thing you should be noted is about the lyrics.

Kids can quickly pick up on the lyrics; hence you should sensor the ones you don’t want your kids to learn. Letting your child explore different music helps them acquire the ability to differentiate between different pitches, rhythms, and emotions.

It also helps them in getting the ability to focus on music. Kids that are gifted musically mostly have an intense fondness for exploring different sounds, either they are from many different musical genres, jingles, and vocals.

3. Sing it out

Sing a song to your kid that they like. This will help your kids learn how the voices and sounds in their heads can be voiced out. Sooner or later, your kids will start singing these songs out with you loud. Don’t sweat if you aren’t able to hold a tune. It is good for your kids to learn that everything isn’t focused on perfection.

4. Use your instrument

Don’t forget to play some tunes on your instruments as well. All the music classes for kids in Bumblebee will have those cute little musical instruments for kids. Hence it would help your kids try out their fingers on these instruments and create a tune.

Pick up your instrument and let your child sing along, dance, or even take a turn. Soon your kid will mimic you and will come out of the shell and explore his fondness for different tunes and musicals.


5. Buy your kid a suitable instrument

Toy or music stores are the ideal places to look for those musical instruments that are small and suitable for your kids to have fun. The definite big hits are sets of bells, triangles, maracas and guitars, drums, and keyboards.

You can also look out for harmonica, recorder, and ukulele. Shops that trade in international goods mostly offer well-known kid-friendly items which you can buy and let your kid enjoy his musical note.

Let your kid enjoy the real bigger instruments as well. It may be frustrating at the start for your kid, but soon he will get the hang of it. If he loves one particular instrument, let him buy his own child version of the same piece. Let your kid explore and let him buy the instruments he develops a deep fondness for.

6. Find some music classes

Some popular choices for preschoolers are getting drum lessons and piano lessons for kids from Bumblebee Centre at Berwick. These classes have let kids enjoy and create their own version of music.

These classes include a lot of clapping, dancing, singing, tapping, marching, singalong time, and parent-child interaction. If you went for a relaxed vibe where the focus is on having a great time with your child and not becoming the next big star in the industry.

Music is a language of the soul and you shouldn’t try to force it to fit in the limits of this world. Let your kid enjoy and explore his taste in music and find what suits him the most. Taking drum lessons or piano lessons from Bumblebee will be great options for your kids if they are eager to learn music and grasp those fun notes. Contact us today if you have any questions.