6 Benefits of Taking Music Classes for Kids

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Music is an important part of people’s lives. The beautiful melody and beautiful rhythm of music can edify people’s sentiments and give people a beautiful enjoyment. Especially for preschool children, they are inseparable from their learning, life, and growth. Having music classes for kids can not only improve and cultivate their perception and cognitive abilities of music but also cultivate their understanding of the beauty of music. 0-6 years old are the critical period of physical and psychological development for kids. If scientific and reasonable music education is carried out at this stage, their intelligence can be well developed. Therefore, having music classes for kids is very essential. Here are some benefits that having music classes can bring to kids.

Bumblebee Arts Centre Melbourne - kid is learning music instrument

1. Improve fine motor skills and coordination

Taking music class for kids is more than just listening. It also helps to fine their motor skills and coordination skills. For example, learning how to play a musical instrument includes improving hand-eye coordination, ear-hand coordination, and fine motor skills required to play cymbals or piano.

2. Promote language development

Studies show that learning music and language require the same parts of the brain. Having music classes for kids such as singing, learning the new melody, and learning musical instruments all make the brain circuit network closer, which is vital to the processing and understanding of sound. Children who are good at language communication have advantages in both educational and social environments. Also, this advantage will be magnified over time.

Bumblebee Arts Centre Melbourne - kid is playing piano

3. Improve concentration and memory

Even the simplest piano tunes require children’s practice of concentration, hand-eye coordination, and mind-body recall. Through repeated practice in music classes, children learned that proficiency requires frequent practice and repetition can enhance memory.

4. Improve basic math skills

For starters, the small black dots that rise and fall on the scale seem to have nothing to do with the keys on the piano or the chords on the guitar. But for a child who can read music, these points convey a lot of information, such as what keys to press on a trumpet and what strings to press on a cello. In mathematical terms, this is called pattern recognition.

When it comes to basic mathematical skills, the Mozart effect cannot be ignored. Scientists conducted a test to allow college students to complete some spatial tasks, such as drawing a path in a paper maze. Those who listened to Mozart first completed the task faster and more accurately than those who did not. It turns out that music activates the area of the brain that processes spatial skills, which is essential for understanding advanced mathematics.

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5. Improve teamwork ability

The value of hard work is a lesson that children must experience on their own. The daily music practice will let children know that hard work will bring real benefits.

For elder children, joining a small choir, a large school orchestra, or even a rock band can encourage teamwork and work with the larger community for a common goal.

6. Improve self-confidence

When a skill increases at a rate directly related to the amount of work invested, the child will quickly benefit from his effort. In addition, because music is used for performances, cultivating the courage to show achievements in front of friends and strangers is a good way to prepare for future business meetings and first job interviews.

Since early childhood music can bring so many benefits to kids, it is also important to choose a professional music teacher for your children. Bumblebee Art Centre is a Melbourne-based music and art tuition centre. We provide a set of music classes for kids, including music theory, sight-singing, guitar, piano, etc. Our teachers are experienced in guiding children’s music-learning and motivating them continuously. If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact us.