Where Are the Great Music Classes For Kids Near Me?

music class for kids near me

Studies have found that learning music helps children learn other subjects and can enhance children’s necessary abilities in other fields. Eric Rasmussen, head of the Department of Early Childhood Music at Johns Hopkins University, believes that some neuroscience research shows that children with music training have stronger neuronal activity than children without music training. Musicians need to call many brain functions when playing music. Music activities not only train the voice or the fingers for playing musical instruments, but children can also gain many other abilities (such as vision, hearing, and muscle groups) at the same time.

Because of the various benefits that music education brings to children, many parents hope that their children can learn music so that their children can progress and grow in many aspects. However, parents, before learning music, faced the same problem, that is: “Where are the great music classes for kids near me?”

The good news is that the Bumblebee Arts Centre in Melbourne, Australia provides online and offline high-quality music lessons for children in early childhood, to those at school age and much beyond! As innovative and energetic music and art tuition centre, we offer activities and classes across a wide range of instruments and disciplines, including piano, violin, flute and singing.

Why should children learn music?

A “Musical benefits” article on the Australian government website explains that children can benefit from the following aspects of music:

1. Musical activities (such as playing musical instruments and singing) stimulate children’s brains. This brain exercise will improve brain structure by forming new neural connections.

2. Researches also show that children who take music lessons have improved language development and are easier to learn to read. Learning music helps develop the left brain (related to language and reasoning), assists with sound recognition, and teaches rhythm and rhythm. Songs can also help children remember information.

3. Children who study music also have higher spatial intelligence and the ability to form mental pictures of objects – skills that are important for more advanced mathematics.

4. Children who are trained in music have a better working memory, and even if their minds are busy with other matters-important aspects of mental arithmetic and reading comprehension, it can help them remember things. Learning music also requires a high degree of concentration, training children to focus their attention for sustained periods.

5. Learning music can teach children to work towards short-term goals, develop daily habits and practise self-discipline. Setting a fixed time for practice can foster commitment and patience. Mastering a new concert brings a sense of pride and accomplishment, and helps children learn the value of self-discipline

6. Making music with others (for example in a band or choir) can improve children’s social and emotional skills. They learn to work together as a team and develop empathy with others. Researchers have found that when children play music together—from simple rhythms to larger collective performances—they are better able to adapt to the emotions of other people.

Music courses at Bumblebee Arts Centre

When you are looking for music lessons for children nearby, you are welcome to Bumblebee Arts Centre. We provide a piano, violin, singing and flute lessons for children at the Berwick and McKinnon campuses. In this special pandemic period, in addition to providing lively and interesting offline courses, we also provide high-quality music and art online courses through Zoom. Our music teachers are very passionate about music. In addition to mastering very professional music skills, they are also engaged in early childhood education and psychology research.

Currently, Bumblebee also provides you with the first free music lesson. You are welcome to bring your children to experience the beauty of the music world!

If you have any questions about your child’s art and music lessons, please contact us.