7 Tips For Parenting Young Children During Lockdown

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According to the recommendation of the Acting Chief Health Officer, Victoria began to implement a lockdown at 11:59 pm on Thursday, July 15th. This is bad news for parents because the lockdown makes it impossible to take their children to entertainment venues, enjoy the long-distance trip with children, and many inconveniences. So how should parents accompany their children to tide over the difficulties during the lockdown?

Talk to your child about your feelings and try not to make assumptions

Ask if they are worried or afraid, and if they are worried or expecting something.No matter how your child feels, make it clear that complex emotions are completely normal and everyone is in the same boat. Check out more tips to start a conversation with your child.

Provide your children with as much information as possible about their new day and school life

This will help them prepare for any changes in daily schedules, classroom layouts, peer groups and competition plans. It is very helpful for young children to imagine these changes,ask if your child’s school can send photos to help raise awareness.

Resume your child’s daily life to help your child start their daily school life

It is believed that during his imprisonment, the daily life of his family has changed. Most likely, the children wake up later or go to bed later. To help them prepare for school, please try to gradually return to their normal daily life and go to bed near the return date.

Try to answer the children’s questions and reassure them based on their age

Try to answer the children’s questions and reassure them based on their age.

Encourage your children to do things that are helpful to them in difficult times

Everyone is different; can include activities such as exercise or go hiking, watch your favourite movies, reading your favourite books, cooking or baking, talking with friends, drawing or writing.

Reassure your child that lockdown will pass, you’re there for your child, and you will spend such a difficult time with your child

After resuming normal activities in the summer, returning to stricter policies may frustrate your child. You may even worry that the situation will never improve. Realize how difficult it is, but also tell them that this epidemic will not last forever.

Spend time to do positive things together

This will give them a little rest from what is happening, and thus make them feel more comfortable. This is also a good way for them to have a chance to talk about their problems without ” speaking loudly.”

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